About the family

We have 2 major priorities in our lifes: Our family life and the exhibition/ dogshow life, wich is a lifestyle of it's own. We live in our own house in the north-eastern part of Odense/ Denmark.

On a daily basis we are only Roy (53) and I (57) in the house. We have 4 children age 28-36 years, and we have 8 beautiful grandchildren age 0-14years. We spend a lot of time with the family in generel, and enjoy the company of the children and grandchildren :)
We have chosen this lifestyle of exhibitions and breeding because it is a passion of ours, and not a way to make a living. We do this according to our motto: We do this properly or not at all. What we start, we do whole hearted - nothing in this house is done only half.

For 12 years we used to have american bulldogs, we showed them and we also bred them. Our children grew up with them, but due to the danish law this wonderful breed is unfortunately now banned.

In 2009 we started looking around for an english bulldog. It took us months to read and learn about this breed, finding out wich lines fell in our taste and could meet our requirements, and little by little the contact to breeders around Europe was established. Since 2010 we’ve had english bulldogs, and in 2017 we got our first english mastiff.

Our dogs are primarily familydogs. They have acces to the whole house, and get lots of attention and love from every family member - and we get it 10-fold in return. Secondarily they are show- and breeding dogs.
In our home there are often many people: Family/ friends, children/ adults and so on, so the dogs are use to a lot of things. We believe that this will give the dogs a good and solid foundation, wich will be passed on to future litters.

To show and breed dogs is a lifestyle, and it is expensive in an economic sence as in time as well. So if you want to make hard and fast money, the disappointment will be big - HUGE actually, because you won’t make them doing this.