In our breeding program, it is of great importance to us to learn about the dogs, that will be used on our own - What they are made of. It is a priority to read pedigrees to see how they match. To compare pro's and con's of the two dogs is quite important.

It doesn't have to be line breeding - not necessarily. It could be an outcross (the opposite of line breeding, where none of the names on the two pedigrees are the same), if only the pro's/ con's are in place: Wich means that what one of the dogs is lacking the other one must have, and what one of them has too much of the other can only have as less as possible. We look at the dogs physical appearance - so that the male is a healthy and good counterpart to our females.

For example: Anni (our first english bulldog) had quite a long back and not so big an arch as I would like, and she didn't have a lot of bone. So the male that we had to find for her must have a lot of/ heavy bones, a short and well arched back.

It is important to us, that they have a very good health status, and a great temperament.

We wish that the dogs, that will be used with our own, has been on several exhibitions, so that it can be documented a qualified and nuanced image of the dogs as possible. This counts for the dogs exterior and temperament ect.

We do not only make demands on others, but certainly to ourselves as well. We do not require any more from others, than we can live up to ourselves. 

Our dogs have or will go through the big health test according to the Danish Kennel Club, and hereby get the health certificate before putting them in the breeding process Also they are being DNA tested.

What makes a good breeder?
Hmmm... I guess it's a matter of oppinion (there might be as many oppinions as there are breeders). Well, I can only tell you how I personly see it:

It means a lot to me how the breeder is as a person, how does he/ she aproach me (in writing, on the phone ect.) - how is our communication? I feel the same with the people who wan't to buy a puppy here. It's very important to me!

I want them to be honest with me in a constructive way. It is also important to me that I am allowed to ask questions, and that they will guide me if I feel lost at some point.

How does the house look - is it like a 'junk yard' with garbage all over the place, and dogs locked in cages in layers all over the house every time I visit.. Not that is has to be like a magazine-picture - certainly not, because it is more than a fulltime job to have puppies - it really is! But it is all about the impression you meet when you step through the door, right...

Last but not least: How does the puppies look? Are they clean, do they look fit and alert (clear eyes and noses, and well fed ect.), how is their standard and condition in generel. Do the puppies behave puppy-like (are they playfull, curious about me)... A lot of factors are present. I don't expect the puppies to be shiny and newly combed and bathed, but I certainly don't expect a dirty puppy that looks teenie tiny with a huge belly, and that is passive and not curious - then something is really wrong.

I have no doubt what I want to meet and be met with, but again - it's all a matter of oppinion and temprament.




Med venlig hilsen