4th of January 2020


3rd of January 2020, My Dog 2020 Gothenburg/ Sweden, open class females, exc 2, CK, 2nd best female. 
Judge: Nils Molin/ SE 


4th of January 2020, My Dog 2020 IDS Gothenburg/ Sweden, open class female, exc 1, CK, Best Female, CAC, Best of Breed, CACIB, Swedish and Danish Champion, qualified for Crufts 2021. 
Judge: Kari Järvinen/ Finland. 

4th of December 2019


2nd of November 2019 - IDS Växjö/ Sweden:  Open class exc1, CK, Best female, BOB, CAC, CACIB.

judge: Thorbjörn Skaar/ Sweden 

3rd of November 2019 - IDS Herning/ Denmark: Open class exc 2, CK, 3rd best female, Res. CACIB.

judge: Colette Muldoon/ Ireland.  

22nd of September 2019

22nd of September 2019 - IDS Ballerup/ DK, Open class excelken1, CK, Best female, CAC, CACIB, COPENHAGEN WINNER 2019 (KBHV), Best of Breed. Judge: Brigitte Thielemann/ DK

21st of September 2019 - Eslöv dog show/ Sweden, open class excellent 2. 

16th of September 2019


7th of September 2019 - Danish Mastiff Club/ Korsør, Open class, Exc 1, CK, R.CAC. Judge: Christofer Habig/ DE.

18th of August 2019- IDS Bornholm/ DK, Open class, Very Good 2. Judge: Gunnar Nymann/ DK.

17th of August 2019- IDS Bornholm/ DK, Open class: Exc 1, CK, 2nd best female, CAC, Res. CACIB. Judge: Karl-Erik Johannsson/ SE.


22nd of July 2019


25th of May 2019 - Danish Mastiff Club Show/  Reersoe camping/ DK, intermediate clas: Exc.1 CK 3rd best female. Judge: Pamela Jeans-Brown/ UK.

23rd of June 2019 - IDS Vejen/DK, Open class: Exc. 1. Judge: Vincent O’Brien/IE


31st of May 2019 - Danish Bulldog Club show/ Bosor/DK, Open class: very good. Judge: Bas Bosch/ BE

23rd of June 2019 - IDS Vejen/DK, Open class: very good 2. Judge: Vincent O’Brien/IE


14th of May 2019

IDS Roskilde 2019 (sunday 12th)

Lilly Intermidiate Class females, exc 1+CK, 3rd best female, RES.CAC. 

March 2019

Lilly, intermediate class females:

IDS Malmö/ Sweden (30th of March), excellent 1, CK, 2nd best female, res ca, res cacib.


January 2019

Lilly, Intermidate class females:

MyDog 2019  (4th & 5th of Januar), Gothenburg/ Sweden

Saturday, very good 1.

Sunday: Excellent 1, CK, Best female, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Qualified for Crufts 2020. 

19th of October 2018


7th of October 2019, IDS Rostoc/ Germany: junior female, exc 1, Junior CAC, Best Junior,

Title:  ‘Rostock Jugendsieger 2018’. 

3rd of June 2018


19th of May 2018, Danish Mastiff Club Show: Junior class females - exc 1 + ck, junior CAC, 4th best female.

2nd of June 2018, IDS Neumünste/ Germany: Junior class females - exc 2. 

28th of October 2017

Lilly: Very Promissing, Best of Breed Baby (Galla Show Aarslev/ DK)