Lilly is out of Eastwind´s Caledonia Walk This Way (Clyde) & Sandø’s Yara



16th of June 2017

Color: Fawn


Test results:


ED: 0/0

DNA test for Cystinuria type III: CLEAR

DNA test for coat length: L/L (short hair)

Titles won: 

German Champion (pending).

International Champion.

Sieger Neuss 2022

German Winner 2022

Swedish Champion 

Danish Champion 

KBHV 2019

Rostock Jugendsieger 2018


Lilly is a very sweet girl. She is goofy, funny and quite a 'talker'. She is a typical mastiff, and needs to evaluate things from a distance before she aproaches :) She loves attention, people and loves to have something to do.